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Saint-Gobain Values

Our values at the Saint-Gobain group are a response to the challenge of sustainable development and these values are shared across the many corporate entities that make up Saint-Gobain across the world.

Principles of conduct

Professional commitment

Each individual at Saint-Gobain will be at the best of their ability to stay updated on the knowledge, know-how and skills required of them. This requires a personal commitment and willingness to take on the task assigned and to acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out their tasks. It implies the effective contribution of each person particularly for the environment as well as health and safety of other workers.

Respect for others

A pre-requisite for the professional and personal development of every individual, this value applies throughout the Saint-Gobain Group. It implies an acceptance of pluralism and cultural differences. It is also expressed through readiness to listen to others, to inform, to explain, and to engage through dialogues.


It requires a rigorous adherence to probity in all professional activities. This means that no individual may compromise the interest of the Saint-Gobain Group which has been entrusted to that individual in favour of their private interests – whether through dealing within the Group or dealing on behalf of the Group with third parties.


This value requires honesty and fairness when dealing with superiors, colleagues, subordinates and third parties. In particular, any pursuit of self-interest is not allowed if it conflicts with the goals of any or all of the entities within the Saint-Gobain Group. It implies the adherence to the guidelines and internal rules of individual companies and of the Group.


A sense of individual responsibility at work prevails over self-centred thinking. This encourages teamwork and brings out the best in each person in order to achieve the objectives of the company and the Saint-Gobain Group. It means rejecting management or operational methods which are geared towards the self-satisfaction of given individuals rather than the interests of the individual company or the Saint-Gobain Group as a whole.

Principles of action

Respect for the law

All companies within the Saint-Gobain Group must adhere all areas all laws and regulations of the countries in which the business is being conducted. All Saint-Gobain Group companies must prohibit all actions which might breach applicable norms of competition law. They must refrain from any form of financing of political parties or activities, even if it is allowed under the local law. They must also reject all forms of active or passive corruption whether it is a domestic or international transaction. Furthermore, Saint-Gobain Group companies must not exploit loopholes or inadequacies within any such laws or regulations where it could possibly mean non-compliance with the norms of the Saint-Gobain Group in the areas described below.

Caring for the environment

Saint-Gobain Group companies are to actively promote the protection of the environment. All company sites, wherever they are located, must be managed in a way that allows the setting of clear environmental targets and the regular monitoring of environmental performances and measuring against these targets. They must strive to raise the main environmental performance standards of their own sites to the level of particularly effective performance standards found in the Saint-Gobain Group for comparable sites - even if that means going beyond the requirements of local legislation.

Health and safety of workers

Saint-Gobain Group companies are to take particular care in adopting all measures necessary to ensure the best possible protection against health and safety risks in the workplace. They must adopt risk reduction policies and follow-up on the due application of the same and checking actual results against the applicable standards. Such policies apply both to their own employees and to the employees of subcontractors in the event the latter are working on a Saint-Gobain Group site. They must strive to raise the main health and safety performance standards of their own sites to the levels of particularly effective performance standards found in the Saint-Gobain Group for comparable sites - even if that means going beyond the requirements of local legislation.

Employee rights

Saint-Gobain Group companies must scrupulously ensure that the rights of employees are respected. They must promote an active dialogue with their employees. In addition to that, and without limitation, they must respect the following rules, even if not provided for by applicable local law. They must refrain from any form of recourse to forced labour, compulsory labour, or child labour – whether directly or indirectly or through subcontractors when the latter are working on a Saint-Gobain Group site; and they must refrain from any form of discrimination with respect to their employees, whether in the recruitment process, at hiring, during or at the end of the employment relationship.


Saint-Gobain Promise

A comfortable living space can improve your well-being and health as well as your ability to work effectively.

By designing innovative and sustainable lightweight interior building systems and solutions, we improve your daily life through better visual appeal, thermal control, acoustics, and air quality.

We aim to be recognised as the worldwide leader in providing innovative drywall and ceiling solutions that will help enhance the well-being of people everywhere. This is our promise to all our customers.

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