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Thermal insulation

The hot and humid weather experienced by the Asia Pacific region results in us using far more building energy than our Western counterparts. This is why more and more governments and NGOs have been calling for developers to embrace low energy technology as part of their design.
Thermal insulation

In support of the growing need to be more energy and eco-friendly, Gyproc has been championing these causes by incorporating thermal insulation properties into many of its products and solutions.

Simply put, thermal insulation is able to make any building more comfortable, healthy and consume lower levels of energy.

Some of our products and solutions which are designed to provide excellent thermal insulation in addition to other features include:

Wall Lining System

  • Contains insulating properties help to create a pleasant environment and help maintain constant temperature.
  • Lining systems such as GypLyner® help reduce the effects of cold bridging - a phenomenon that occurs as a result of using materials with differing thermal conductivity in the main structure (for instance steel frame with concrete infill panels), or where gaps or cracks in the structure allow warm (or cold) air to penetrate the structure.
  • Thermal lining further helps to reduce the differences between the wall surface temperature and the temperature of the ambient room air, reducing the risk of surface condensation, and also the risk of interstitial condensation forming within the outer wall structure.

Sustainable Systems

The built cost per square metre for an installed insulated lining system is significantly lower than it is for an equivalent heavyweight solution which provides the same level of thermal performance. Not to mention, the components are far lighter and easier to handle than your usual masonries, and are engineered for quick and easy construction on site.

The thermal insulation feature incorporated into our product and systems ensure that they are ideal for a range of internal environments such as schools, hospitals, hotels and even residential complexes. On top of providing a strong and robust finish and being energy saving, they improve safety and comfort by greatly improving the fire and acoustic performance of any structure.

Market sectors

This performance is particulary helpful in the following sectors.

Systems and solutions recommended for this performance

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