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Gyptone® BIG™

Acoustics are very important for many venues including rooms, halls, and auditoriums. And the wide range of perforated Gyptone® BIG™ boards provide just that. Each board is perforated with various shapes for better sound absorption and is covered with acoustic backing tissue. The range of designs and solutions provide options to deliver creative inspiration to actual applications in interior design.

Gyptone® acoustic gypsum boards

Key facts

  • Seamless and monolithic appearance
  • Provide aesthetic appearance
  • Available in 3 different designs: Gyptone® BIG™ Quattro 41, Gyptone® BIG™ Line 6, Gyptone® BIG™ Sixto 63
  • Can be decorated in any colour
  • 'Invisible' access hatches that match board pattern


Gyptone® BIG™ boards can be used in either the ceiling or wall lining solution. The boards come in plain ivory colour and can be easily decorated by paint using short-hair rollers or brushes. Gyptone® BIG™ boards are available in the following variations:

  • Gyptone® BIG™ Quattro 41 - comes with square perforations, compatible with Activ'Air
  • Gyptone® BIG™ Line 6 - comes with line perforations, compatible with Activ'Air
  • Gyptone® BIG™ Sixto 63 - comes with hexagonal perforations, compatible with Activ'Air

Thickness: 12.5mm

Available Sizes: 

  • Gyptone® BIG™ Quattro 41: Hole size - 12 x 12mm
  • Gyptone® BIG™ Line 6: Hole size - 6 x 80mm
  • Gyptone® BIG™ Sixto 63: Hole size - 6 x 12mm

Board color

Unpainted with acoustic tissue

Technical information

Product matrix

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Edge type
12.5 1200 2400 Tapered edge

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