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Refurbishing and redesigning just became a whole lot simpler and quicker thanks to Habito®.

Due to its solid core that makes it five times stronger than the usual plasterboard, you can mount objects that weigh up to 30kg directly onto the board using only a chipboard screw with a diameter of 5mm. Habito® is also highly shock resistant which means it can withstand repeated impacts that are experienced in household.

This sturdy board on top of having soundproof characteristics if installed together with metal stud sections and mineral wool, is also as easy to install as a regular plasterboard.

New Gyproc® Habito®

Key facts

  • Extreme shock resistance
  • Sound insulation
  • Non-combustible material in accordance to BS 476: Part 4
  • Low fire propagation in accordance to BS 465: Part 6
  • Class 1 surface spread of flame in accordance to BS 476 Part 7
  • Fire resistant drywall system in compliance to BS 476: Part 22 and EN 1364-1


Habito® can be used in any of Gyproc®'s wall and partitions systems where greater levels of impact and fixing capability are required. It is however not suitable for use in areas which are continuously damp or experience humid conditions.

Always use No. 10 wooden screws to mount Habito® boards. Use a cordless electric screwdriver that operates at no more than 500 revs per minute. Maximum weight per one fixing point is 30 kg.

Board color

Grey with Habito® print

Technical information

Product matrix

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Edge type
12.5 1200 2400 Recessed edge text  Array Array

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