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GypFrame® 'U' Track

Similar to GypFrame® 'C' Studs, GypFrame® 'U' Track is made using high strength zincalume steel sheets, and used to secure 'C' Studs on floor or ceiling junctions.

The unique design of the frame provides excellent holding strength to 'C' studs ensuring frames are properly held in position.

GypFrame® 'U' Track metal frame image

Key facts

  • Made of industry grade high strength steel with excellent anti-corrosion resistance
  • Precision engineered for excellent quality
  • Various sizes to cater for strength, height, impact resistance and sound insulation requirements
  • Easy to cut and fit
  • Comes with SpecSure system performance warranty
  • Lightweight


The GypFrame 'U' Track is used to hold the GypFrame 'C' Studs in place on both soffit and floor, as well as ceiling junctions.

Where necessary, the 'U' Track may be used as reinforcement or noggings within partitions or at joints.

Sizes: 51 mm, 64 mm, 76 mm, 94 mm, 152 mm, with various base metal thickness (BMT).

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