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ProCote TOP Skimcoat Plaster

Procote TOP is a white, gypsum-based finishing plaster suitable for skim coating applications of 1 - 5 mm thick onto interior walls and ceilings. It is formulated to provide excellent finishing to cement rendered and concrete walls. It also conceals hair-line cracks to produce a durable and perfectly smooth and flawless surface ready for final decoration and painting.

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Key facts

  • Smooth and crack-free finish
  • Low shrinkage
  • Excellent paint adhesion


Gyproc® ProCote TOP provides a high quality skim coat finish for a wide range of internal surfaces such as plaster, cement-rendered, concrete, precast, and cement board surfaces. It is recommended to be used in all types of construction from high-rise offices and condominiums to hospitals, schools and residential housing projects.

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