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ProCote Undercoat Plaster

Gyproc® ProCote is a gypsum-based undercoat plaster for interior leveling applications to replace traditional sand and cement plaster finishes. It provides high crack-resistant finishes with excellent adhesion, excellent heat insulation properties and helps improve worker productivity. It also has hassle free preparation where the only ingredient needed is water - simply mix it and use it.

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Key facts

  • High crack resistance
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Improves worker productivity*

* Depends on site condition and worker's skill.


Gyproc® ProCote is suitable for application on a wide variety of internal solid surfaces such as brick and concrete block walls, precast wall panels, concrete slabs, posts and beams, etc. and can be applied at a thickness of 5mm to 50 mm.

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