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ProStick™ Dri-Wall Adhesive

ProStick™ DriWall Adhesive is made of high quality raw materials with cutting-edge production technology.

This results in excellent bonding between gypsum boards against all types of background.

The adhesive is easy to use and produces a smooth finish consistently.

Its quick-set property allows for rapid installation of the DriLyner® system.

ProStick™ DriWall Adhesive product image

Key facts

  • Easy to install 
  • Applicable on all types of surfaces 
  • Ensured smooth finish and easy to sand
  • No cracking
  • Ideal for refurbishment on any site under time pressure


ProStick™ DriWall Adhesive is used to bond gypsum plasterboards to walls of any background. Part of the DriLyner® System, it is best used for the quick refurbishing of walls.

It also has additional heat insulation properties which helps reduce energy consumption.

  • Has quick-set property which is 4 times faster than sand or cement systems

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